Starting Preschool


Good Shepherd Preschool is in session 163 days from September to Memorial Day. Good Shepherd shares many of the holidays and in-service days of the Montgomery County Public Schools, but not all. An annual calendar is distributed during the first month of school.

September Class Gatherings

In late summer, Good Shepherd sponsors class “Gatherings” at local parks or at the Good Shepherd playground. These gatherings provide informal opportunities for children, parents, and teachers to meet one another and to begin forming the relationships which will carry over into the school year.   

Open House, Mini-Days, and Easing into School

The day before school begins, parents and children are invited to Good Shepherd Preschool to visit the classroom and to become familiar with the environment. The first day of school is a mini-day when students attend in small groups for only 1 hour. Parents meet during this hour with a preschool administrator to receive important paperwork and learn about school policies. As an added benefit, if a child has trouble adjusting this first day, parents are close at hand to offer comfort.

For the first few sessions, all Early Pre-Kindergarten classes have an abbreviated class schedule. This transition period eases the youngest students into school gradually. Pre-Kindergarten students begin their normal class schedule on the second day of school.