Good Shepherd Preschool Mission, Philosophy, and Vision

Our kid-friendly playground sits in front of our classroom building.

Mission Statement

Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool strives to inspire a lifelong love of learning in young children through its developmentally appropriate, play-based educational program set in a joyful, nurturing environment. We encourage children, families, and staff to use their talents and resources to serve others and spread God’s love to the community.

Educational Philosophy: Love, Learning, and Laughter

Love: Love serves as the foundation of our philosophy. We believe children must feel safe and loved to achieve their full learning potential. Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool creates a warm, nurturing environment that promotes children’s health and safety as well as feelings of belonging and self-esteem. We embrace and welcome students and families of all backgrounds and abilities and celebrate the diversity of our school community. We foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect among staff members that builds strong collaborative relationships. We encourage our students and staff to share the love they receive by modeling kindness and generosity.

Learning: We believe children learn best by exploring and experimenting at their own pace in a stimulating, play-based environment. We provide a high-quality, developmentally appropriate educational program based on current research. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and tailor our instructional program to meet individual needs. We maintain high standards for our staff through offering ongoing professional development, mentoring, and coaching, and by providing educational benefits toward maintaining and improving early childhood credentials. We recognize that families are children’s first teachers and seek to promote their important role in their children’s lives by inviting their participation in our program, partnering with them to promote children’s development, and supporting them with educational workshops and literature.

Laughter: We embrace and celebrate the exuberant spirits of young children and encourage a classroom culture that welcomes smiles and giggles. Our teachers plan educational experiences that demonstrate that learning can be filled with wonder, excitement, and fun. Our goal is to show children the joy that comes with following where curiosity leads and thus inspire them to become lifelong learners.

Motto and Vision

GSLP’s motto is “A Christian program of love, learning, and laughter.” This statement encompasses our vision for the program:

  • Christian: To spread the love of God to the community.

  • Love: To use our talents and resources to serve our community and serve as models of kindness and generosity to the children in our care.

  • Learning: To provide a high-quality, play-based, developmentally appropriate educational program for young children based on current research in the early childhood field.

  • Laughter: To create a warm, nurturing environment where young children feel safe and joyful.