Good Shepherd Preschool Mission Statement

Our kid-friendly playground sits in front of our classroom building.

As early childhood educators, our goal is to instill children with a love of learning and a curiosity about the natural world surrounding them. During their tenure at Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool, students will learn to problem solve and to explore multiple solutions to a problem. They will demonstrate behavior consistent with good citizenship, respecting and caring for one another as children of God. By providing a learning environment allowing children to explore at their individual rates, we will facilitate the unique needs of each child. Through assessments, we will analyze each child’s progress; and through intentional teaching, we will focus on areas where the child needs to grow. Through caring relationships, we will foster trust, communication and creativity. The whole child – the body, the mind and the spirit – will be guided through developmentally appropriate activities that reinforce these goals and that provide each student the necessary tools for future learning.  

Families are children’s first teachers. Teachers partner with parents to build on these early experiences in the areas of personal and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, social studies, the arts and spiritual development. Research confirms that professional development is a strong component of a quality program. As such, staff members receive professional development training annually to maintain the MSDE Child Care Credential and to stay abreast of current changes and research in the field.