Lunch, Snack, and Food Allergy Policies


Children enrolled in extended sessions and Lunch Plus Enrichment bring lunches from home to eat at school. Good Shepherd Preschool provides low-fat milk and a small side snack (such as baby carrots or crackers) alongside these lunches from home.


Children enrolled in two and a half-hour sessions are provided with a daily snack consisting of low-fat milk or 100 percent fruit juice plus a food item. GSLP daily snack offerings include crackers, cereal, cheese, and fresh fruits or vegetables. 

Food Allergies

To the extent possible, Good Shepherd Preschool is a peanut- and tree nut-free environment. All snacks purchased and served by the Preschool to students are checked and verified to be free of peanuts, tree nuts, and possible cross-contamination with peanuts or tree nuts by the Administrative Director. 

Parents of children with food allergies and dietary restrictions work directly with the staff in accommodating their child’s specific dietary restrictions. GSLP requires that each child with a food allergy or medical dietary restriction (such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease) have a Health Care Plan on file at the school detailing restrictions and appropriate interventions. GSLP also requires caregivers to specify what foods may and may not be served to their child using our Snack and Cooking Project Permissions form and Perishable Foods Waiver. If a child's allergy requires that medication be kept at school, a Medication Administration Authorization form must be provided along with each medication to be kept at school. All forms are available from the GSLP office or on the Student Forms page.

Families who wish to opt out of daily snacks or milk due to severe allergies or dietary restrictions should speak with the office.

Dietary Restrictions

GSLP works with parents to accommodate a variety of religious and ethical dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism, as well. Please specify these restrictions on your child's Medical, Dietary, and Student Release Information form.