Communication With Families

Communication between school and families is of great importance to GSLP's directors and staff. GSLP provides several avenues of communication between home and school.

Class Communication

Teachers send home a letter at the beginning of each school year introducing themselves and providing class-specific information. Teachers keep families informed about what children are doing in the classroom through daily notes posted on class bulletin boards. Students also receive a monthly classroom calendar detailing events specific to their class and describing curriculum objectives for the month.

Teachers respond to emails sent to the school email address, Teachers may also send out emails to parents about class events through this address, so be sure to indicate your most frequently checked email account on your enrollment forms.

Home + School Connection Newsletter

GSLP's monthly newsletter, edited by Educational Program Director Colleen Fischer, provides information regarding school-wide special events, chapel dates, items of interest, and discussions of issues affecting the Good Shepherd Preschool community. It provides monthly book recommendations, notices of family-friendly events in the community, and tips on activities to do at home with your children to promote their development. Words to group music songs and fingerplays are included as well. Check out this month's issues as well as many back issues on the Home + School Connection Newsletter page.

Upcoming Events Emails and Announcements Blog

GSLP sends out email reminders of upcoming events such as movie nights, caregiver workshops, and storytimes each week. Please make sure to provide your most frequently checked email accounts on your enrollment forms to ensure you receive these messages, as well as other important communications from the school.

GSLP posts event reminders and important notices, such as school closures, to its website home page via the GSLP Announcements blog. Links to these posts are cross-posted to GSLP's Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also receive GSLP announcements using RSS by subscribing to our Announcements feed.

Parent Orientation

All GSLP parents attend Parent Orientation at the beginning of each school year while students enjoy their first "mini-day" of school. This hourlong session provides an overview of school policies as outlined in the Parent Handbook, with special attention to any new policies for the current school year. GSLP's Administrative Director Jennifer Coxson is on hand to answer parent questions at this time. GSLP also provides parents with a packet of additional information, including a copy of the most recent Parent Handbook, during orientation.

Back-to-School Night

A formal Back-to-School Night is held in early fall. GSLP Educational Program Director Colleen Fischer introduces staff members and provides an overview of MSDE accreditation and GSLP's curriculum before sending parents to their children's classrooms. At that time, teachers discuss the routines that have been established, explain the goals that have been set, and answer questions regarding the program.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers are always available to discuss the concerns of parents. Formal conferences are held mid-fall and mid-winter, when progress reports are distributed.