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April Picture Book Recommendations

By Lori Forcey, GSLP Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

For our April Book Nook, we’re offering up a basketful of goodies — a little selection that touches on Pre-K’s Nature theme, and another choice that covers the EPK 2 and EPK 3’s construction-related themes. And finally, we finish up with an adorable Easter book, starring a favorite preschool character, from local author Janet Morgan Stoeke.

The Koala Who Could, by Jim Field: Alliteration and rhymes abound in this catchy story about Kevin the Koala. Kevin enjoys hanging out in his tree and minding his own business, even though his friends encourage him to come down and play. Then one day, Kevin is forced out of his tree and down to the ground, but what will happen when he gets there? Filled with cute illustrations and featuring native Australian animals that local preschoolers may not be familiar with, this audiobook is available in our lending library.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, by Sherri Dudley Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld: This modern classic visits each of the construction site vehicles — crane truck, cement mixer, dump truck, bulldozer and excavator — as they finish their work for the day and snuggle down to sleep for the night. The rhyming words are so cozy and soft, you’ll feel yourself stifling yawns while reading it. Fair warning — save this little gem, which can be found at your local library, for bedtime!

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs, by Janet Morgan Stoeke: Oh Minerva Louise! We check in on our favorite easily confused hen and find it’s springtime at the farm and Minerva Louise has a brand new hat (that looks suspiciously like an Easter basket). As she explores the farm she finds colorful eggs dotting the landscape — but where are the eggs’ mothers? The answer to this mystery can be found at your local library.

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New Addition to the Family Lending Library: Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

Find this new book in the Audiobooks section of the GSLP Family Library in the Preschool Office! 

From the product description on Amazon:

 “From the bestselling Pete the Cat series, help Pete and his friends find the missing cupcakes!

“Pete the Cat and his friends are busy as can be baking cupcakes for a party, and Pete can’t wait to perform with his groovy band. But some of the cupcakes have gone missing! Who could have taken them?

“In this hardcover picture book adventure by New York Times bestselling authors James and Kimberly Dean, Pete and the gang solve the mystery of the missing cupcakes and learn that it’s cool to be kind.”

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