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Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is a wonderful sensory experience for children, both while it’s wet and after it dries. It’s hard to resist feeling these puffy pumpkins in our halls! To make puffy paint at home, mix equal parts shaving cream and white glue. Tint with paint and adjust the mix until it reaches a consistency you like. Cover a table with old newspapers, put on a smock, and dollop some puffy paint on a piece of construction paper. Then let your child loose! Encourage them to push the soft foam around with their hands. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before hanging your child’s masterpiece.

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Autumn Sensory Bottles

A sensory bottle is simply a clear bottle filled with items that stimulate the senses - and children’s curiosity. GSLP teachers feature a variety of sensory bottles to explore at their classroom Science and Discovery Centers. Mrs. Stockton’s Early Pre-K 3 classes made these autumn-themed bottles by first dyeing pumpkin seeds green with food coloring, water, and a bit of vinegar (much like dyeing Easter eggs). Once those were dry, the kids worked in teams to fill the bottles with fall-themed items: acorns, leaves, cranberries, the green pumpkin seeds, and more. This project incorporates art, science, sensory exploration, and fine-motor skill development. 

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Thinking Skills: Apples and Pumpkins Edition

Classes at GSLP use a lot of graphic organizers (such as idea webs or Venn diagrams). These diagrams help kids process their ideas and make connections, building critical thinking skills. Here, Mrs. Parrales’s Five-Day Pre-K compared the characteristics of pumpkins and apples, an activity that was both a celebration of the season and a workout for their scientific observation skills.

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Apple-Pumpkin Week

Students engaged in many investigations of apples and pumpkins in October! Classes tasted apples of different colors, cut pumpkins open to see and feel the strings and seeds inside, made predictions on whether pumpkins would sink or float, and more - check out this investigation poster from Mrs. Forcey and Mrs. Ganz’s Pre-K.

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