Looking Ahead to Fall 2019

Families of students enrolled for this fall will receive a letter in July describing the opening days of school. If you do not receive this letter by August 1, please contact the preschool office. If your address changes during the summer, please email the preschool with your updated contact information so that we can send the letter to the correct address.

Your summer letter will include an invitation to attend a gathering with your child’s teachers and classmates at the GSLP playground. These gatherings are an opportunity for parents and children to meet one another and begin building relationships that will continue throughout the year. Gatherings will happen the week of September 2.

The next big event to kick off the school year will be classroom visits on September 11. Parents and students visit classrooms together to introduce the kids to where they will spend the year. Your child’s first school day will be a mini-day, an hour-long session during which parents will stick around for GSLP’s yearly parent orientation. Next, Early Pre-K students will have shortened sessions to gradually start the year, while Pre-K students will start full sessions.

A preliminary yearly calendar and a detailed September 2019 calendar are available on the GSLP website’s School Calendar page.

A second tuition payment is due August 1. If you will be away during that time, please send in the tuition ahead of time. If tuition is not received by August 1, the office staff will assume that you wish to withdraw your child from school. The preschool office will be open on August 1 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM for parents who wish to drop-off their tuition and paper forms.

Posted on May 22, 2019 and filed under 2019-2020, Announcements.