Tips and Guidelines for Valentine's Day Cards

Update: See more tips in the February 2019 GSLP Home + School Connection Newsletter.

February is here, and the halls likely will soon be lined with hearts and lacy doilies in honor of Valentine’s Day. Classes will have Valentine’s Day parties the week of February 11; please check your class calendar for the exact date.

Part of the fun at the Valentine’s Day party is passing out small Valentine’s Day cards to classmates and teachers. You have several options when it comes to these cards. Many families choose to purchase a pack at a dollar, discount, or grocery store. Kids valentines, like those pictured here, generally come with a few dozen cards in the box and cost only $1 to $3 for the whole pack. (Avoid regular-style greeting cards that cost $1 to $3 per card!)

Another almost no-cost option is to print cards. A quick web search for “printable valentines” provides lots of options.

You can also have fun and provide a great educational experience for your child by crafting your own valentines. Again, the web can provide inspiration, but you really don’t need a plan or a guide to create your own cards. Provide your child with paper, markers or crayons, paper doilies, scissors, stickers, glitter and glue, or whatever supplies you have and then let the creativity loose! This project is a great opportunity to teach the classic trick for cutting out paper hearts, and it will build fine-motor skills.

Whatever path you choose, please remember these guidelines:

  • Please have your child write their own name on each valentine. It’s good name-writing practice! Place your hand over theirs to help or write a “translation” for children who can’t quite write their names independently yet.

  • Do not write friends’ names on the cards or send in separate “boy” and “girl” valentines. Please help our teachers keep things moving during card distribution by keeping things simple.

  • If you attach a piece of candy to the card, please remember to avoid any treats that have peanuts or nuts or that may be cross-contaminated with peanuts or nuts. That includes items such as peanut butter cups, candy bars such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Snickers, and Almond Joy, anything with Nutella, and more. Also, always remember to check over the sealed bag of valentine goodies when you get home from school before giving any treats to your child.

  • If you’d like to attach a treat, please consider a non-food treat such as stickers that everyone can enjoy.

  • Provide enough items for every child in the class:

    • 12 students + 2 teachers: Mrs. Jones’s EPK 2, Mrs. Stockton’s EPK 3 STEAM, Mrs. Forcey and Mrs. Ganz’s Pre-K, Mrs. West’s Pre-K

    • 14 students + 2 teachers: Mrs. West’s EPK 3, Mrs. Stockton’s MWF EPK 3

    • 16 students + 2 teachers: Mrs. Parrales’s Pre-K

Happy Valentine’s Day! Please stop by the office if you have any questions.

Posted on February 1, 2019 .