UPDATE: Thank You for Your Generosity! Judy Center Seeks Child Bed and Mattress

Update: We have received numerous offers of mattresses and beds! Thank you for your continuing generosity to our friends at the Gaithersburg Judy Center. We will continue to accept donations of children's books, winter outerwear for children and adults, and children's clothing for the Judy Center as the year continues.


Original Post:

The Gaithersburg Judy Center has a family in need of a bed for their child. Right now, the parents and 4-year-old child all must sleep in the same bed because the family does not have the funds to purchase a separate bed for their child. If anyone has a bed, toddler bed, or mattress available to donate, please reply or let Ms. Fischer or Mrs. Coxson know.

The staff at the Judy Center would also like to thank you for your donations of winter outerwear for their community. We will continue to accept donations of winter outerwear (coats, boots, and so on) for the Judy Center throughout the cold season. The Judy Center also welcomes children's book donations throughout the year as part of its efforts to promote childhood literacy. 

Thank you for your generosity! 

Posted on November 6, 2014 .