Apple-Pumpkin Week

Students engaged in many investigations of apples and pumpkins in October! Classes tasted apples of different colors, cut pumpkins open to see and feel the strings and seeds inside, made predictions on whether pumpkins would sink or float, and more - check out this investigation poster from Mrs. Forcey and Mrs. Ganz’s Pre-K.

Posted on October 22, 2018 .

Playground Gatherings This Week!

Join us at Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool this week for Playground Gatherings!

Tuesday, September 4
9:30 AM: Mrs. West's Two-Day Early Pre-Kindergarten 3 Class
10:30 AM: Mrs. Jones's Two-Day Early Pre-Kindergarten 2 Class

Wednesday, September 5
9:30 AM: Mrs. Parrales's Five-Day Pre-Kindergarten Class

Thursday, September 6
9:30 AM: Mrs. West's Three-Day Pre-Kindergarten Class
10:30 AM: Mrs. Stockton's Two-Day Early Pre-Kindergarten 3 STEAM Class

Friday, September 7
9:30 AM: Mrs. Ganz and Mrs. Forcey's Three-Day Pre-Kindergarten Class
10:30 AM: Mrs. Stockton's Three-Day Early Pre-Kindergarten 3 Class

Please bring any outstanding paper forms with you to your gathering, as well as any updates you may have for your Emergency Form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note: If it rains during your Playground Gathering time, your gathering will be moved inside to Shepherd's Hall. To reach Shepherd's Hall, go up the stairs just inside the preschool's doors and walk down the hall until you reach the area with multicolored ribbons hanging from the wall. Shepherd's Hall is through the doorways on that side of the hall.

Posted on September 3, 2018 .